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Are you designing your dream bathroom? Are you overwhelmed by the countless choices there are to make? Whether you are building your new home or giving your comfy, familiar bathroom a fresh makeover, we are here to help you feel great about choosing the perfect vanity centerpiece to bring out your bathroom vision.

Here is everything you need to consider when looking for the best vanity for your bathroom:


Before looking to select the style and color of your bathroom vanity, it is important to start by being well aware of the space in your bathroom. Make sure to take accurate measurements where you want your vanity to be. All vanities are organized by their width and you can find additional specifications on the product listings or contact the distributor for more information.

Things to aware of:

  • Location of plumbing.
  • Space for comfortable access to drawers and doors.
  • Space for a backsplash, mirror, or other accessories.

It doesn't matter how big or small your bathroom is, there's a vanity for you! Trying to be efficient with a space saving vanity? Consider smaller models like a 20 inch bathroom vanity or even a corner vanity. We really love how easy it is to fit a corner vanity into the smallest bathrooms to keep things roomy and beautiful while still providing ample storage space for toiletries.

You can also look to choose a slightly larger 30 inch or 40 inch bathroom vanity. This range is very popular as they can fit most bathrooms no problem and are still sizeable centerpieces in your bathroom design. Meanwhile, a 60 inch or 70 inch vanity is for our home's largest bathrooms and often come with double sinks meant to be shared by couples and guests alike.


Let's move onto the style of a vanity. You can really feel like an interior designer as you try to match the perfect vanity with the design of your bathroom. The decision is easy when you group your selection into two major categories: modern and antique bathroom vanities.

The modern vanity for a modern interior design is defined by clean surfaces, smooth lines, and simple shapes. They can also elevate any simple and clean bathroom with their strong, solid, and eye-catching colors.


An antique or traditional bathroom vanity provides an old-fashioned look with intricate details, wavy lines, and rounded shapes. They are usually a bright and antique white or have rich and dark browns that can fit into any room color. They emphasize a rustic look that fits in with the familiar world of a cozy and comfortable everyday bathroom.

Things to be aware of:

  • A clean and modern design, or a traditional and rustic look.
  • Matching or contrasting the color of your bathroom walls.
  • A well-defined theme established by matching decorations in your bathroom design.


Vanities come not only in different shapes and sizes, but also lots of different colors as well. It's always good to start with the color of your bathroom. Common white bathrooms are very versatile, a clean and pure color to enable any vanity to stand out. Whether you choose the solid colors of a modern vanity or the elegant patterns of a traditional vanity, white walls are sure to make them pop.

Contrast always creates a strong statement in your interior design. Dark, patterned, and textured walls lend themselves to white vanities, modern or traditional. Meanwhile, more gentle pastel yellows and more muted colors give a cozy feeling that any traditional vanity can fit in.

We also want to introduce a versatile type of vanity we haven't talked about yet. A mirror vanity is covered in mirrored panes that reflect the surrounding bathroom environment. They almost blend into the room. Gold and silver seams on the doors and drawers also give it an air of luxury. They can fit any and all bathroom colors and designs.

Here are some beautiful combinations to consider:

  • A dark navy blue bathroom vanity against a white background is sure to catch the eyes.
  • A gentle cream wall with a large traditional dark brown vanity.
  • A clean room accentuated by a reflective mirror vanity.

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