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When choosing a bathroom vanity, you should take into consideration who will be using the room, as well as what is the most suitable size and style for your décor. This buying guide will provide the needed information to make your vanity purchasing process a breeze.

Powder Room or Guest Room Bathroom Vanity

A powder room normally has very limited space. Try to utilize each foot without cluttering it with unnecessary items. Since powder rooms don’t have that much traffic going through and are mostly used by guests, it's not necessary to have ample storage or countertop space. A 21 to 27-inch wide bathroom vanity is all you really need to store toilet paper, soap, and a few cleaning supplies. Create an optical illusion of a larger space by hanging a large wall mirror or purchasing a petite mirrored bathroom vanity such as the Ashlie.

Master Bathroom Vanity 

The master bathroom, unlike the powder room, gets a lot of daily heavy use. For households where there is more than one user for the master bathroom, install a double sink vanity to speed up the morning and nightly routines. Don’t hold back on the designated vanity space. A master bathroom will need plenty of cabinet storage to hold all of the essentials required to have at hand. Ample storage space will also help to avoid countertop chaos and shorten cleaning times.

Kids' Bathroom Vanity

Kids' bathroom should look fun and playful. Bright colors and unique designs will add joy to every bathing time. For kids who are mostly independent and don’t need parents’ participation help in the bathroom, vanity height is an important factor. Choose a shorter model to make it easy for them to reach everything without needing a step stool. If you want their bathroom to look unique, but children's theme just doesn’t go well with the rest of the house décor, maybe the hand-painted Camarin with floral designs or the shutter blind Keysville in green would make a good compromise.

Bathroom Vanity Style

Determine what stylistic function you would like your vanity to project. It can be the center of attention or a seamless piece of your bathroom. Clean defined lines, neutral colors and very few accessories would make you a fan of minimalism and your vanity should be no exception. Look for a modern vanity, which harmoniously blends in with all the surrounding pieces without drawing too much attention, such as the Kalani, Kerriane or Tigan from Chans Furniture.

For those, who are on the other side of the spectrum and want their vanity to make a bold, consider going with an unusual original look like the distressed blue or beige Abbeville. Hand-painted rustic finishes will surely bring in a heap of compliments, leaving the admirers in awe.

We are all fans of the vintage look in one way or another. There is something about the old days that makes us want to bring back the timeless pieces and unforgettable looks. A bathroom can take us back in time to admire the sophisticated designs of the past. The Shabby Chic Daleville or Beckham offer sophistication and class to homes where classical adornments are highly appreciated. 

Go with the bathroom vanity that has an adequate amount of storage based on your needs and style that will make a statement or become a harmonious addition to a flawless interior design theme.

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