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The bathroom is the most private space in our households and a place where we prepare ourselves daily for the rest of the world to see. Bathroom lighting plays an important role in how we see ourselves and feel about our appearance. Proper light source placement can set our mood for the rest of the day.

Light Placement

The most common mistake made in lighting is placing the bathroom light fixtures above the vanity mirror. It makes you look 10 years older because the light coming from the top drops a shadow under your eyes, nose, and chin. It might also interfere with putting on makeup, shaving, and dental care. Instead of covering yourself in light from above, hang the light fixtures eye level height or slightly lower if there is a shorter user, who you share the bathroom with. 

The light coming from both left and right will take away the shadow effect completely. Another good option would be to get a vanity mirror with integrated lighting on the sides or all around the edges. Choose a rectangular, round or oval design based on your bathroom décor. 

For extra brightness install ceiling lights. Avoid raw light bulb fixture designs and cover them up with diffusers to create a soft and even light flow in the room.

Hang a chandelier or other statement piece right above the bathtub for a luxurious and elegant feel. This can only be done while taking into consideration safety measures. Take on this design idea only if you have high ceilings and do not come in direct contact with the light fixture at any given point.

Glass door shower cabins do not necessarily need extra lighting since they let in natural and artificial light through their doors. If that area feels too dark, install one or two flat shower lights in the ceiling above the shower or two can style fixtures on the shower wall above head level.

Light Levels

We all have an internal system called the circadian rhythm, which regulates our sleepiness levels when it’s time to get up in the morning or go to bed at night. This system is highly influenced by surrounding lighting. Daylight keeps us up and darkness signals that it’s time to call it a day. Artificial lighting can also trigger that effect. That is why it is a good idea to install a dimmer for your bathroom lighting system. That way your inner clock won’t get unbalanced from the brightness of luminous wall fixtures.

Having control over the level of lighting will reduce the strain on your eyes at the end of a tiring day, as well as lower the electricity bill. Most light bulbs emit yellow light by default, which visually alters skin tones and the color of other items. Install LED white lights or replace old light bulbs with white LED ones to get true daylight color, as well as save energy usage.

Try to let in as much daylight into your bathroom as possible. If you are building a new home or remodeling an old one, be sure to add extra windows. For top floor bathrooms, consider installing windows in the ceiling right over your bathroom vanity, bathtub or shower. It’s the best way to get extra light into your bathroom at all hours of the day and night, not to mention a great view for your long baths.

If you are looking to add more ambiance and beautiful aesthetics to your bathroom, toe kick lightingor wall candles might be good options.

Toe kick lighting is normally composed of light strips, which are attached under the bathroom cabinets. They can be motion activated so that you wouldn’t have to look for the light switch at night or be blinded by the overhead lights.

Combine toe kick lighting with wall candle holders, which come in various shapes and styles. An empty wall covered in curved metal or wood fixtures would add character and the feel of luxury to every bathroom.

If your bathroom has wall niches, put them to use by placing elegant candles to accompany you during relaxing baths. It’s not a problem if there is no option for wall candle décor. The candles can be placed by themselves on window sills or wide edges of a bathtub. Just make sure to keep the candles far away from flammable items, such as window curtains, bath rugs, and towels.

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