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After you have picked out a vanity for your bathroom, the time has come to compliment it with a suitable mirror. You have a wide variety of choices in materials and sizes ranging from small decorative mirrors to large full vanity length units.

Mirror Types

The type of the mirror mostly depends on its purpose of use. Full functionality, an accent to add to a quirky bathroom décor or maybe both.

Wall Mirror

Even though a wall mirror can be defined as any mirror you hang on the wall, in the décor world it mostly refers to a basic bathroom vanity mirror, which is a one piece common shape unit meant to help with morning and nightly bathroom routines. Many manufacturers sell matching wall mirrors, which can be purchased together with a bathroom vanity. That solves the problem of searching for a matching piece for the main bathroom cabinets. Sometimes the mirror frame is made out of the same material as the vanity, such as wood, plastic, or metal and painted in the same color. That is a more typical option for rustic, farmhouse, colonial, Victorian, and classic style bathroom vanities. A modern approach to contemporary vanity designs is to offer a mirror which doesn’t include any materials or shapes to match the vanity, but at the same time perfectly fits the cabinet style.

If you have decided that a wall mirror is the best fit for you, make sure the length of the unit is 2 to 4 inches narrower than the vanity countertop. For double sink bathroom vanities, hang the mirrors 2 to 4 inches from each side.

Accent Mirror

The main function of an accent mirror is to add character and enchantment to the bathroom theme. This type of mirror is often made of several connected pieces, same or different in size and materials. The frame can be unproportionally large and bulky, or the mirror might have a sleek frameless look. Either way, it makes a great alternative to wall art in your bathroom and can even become the centerpiece of the décor.

The actual reflective part is commonly too small to easily perform daily bathroom tasks, such as shaving or putting on makeup, but can still provide the mirror function for a quick face or accessory check. It is not always hung over the vanity, but rather on another wall as an extra adornment.

Full-Length Mirror

Horizontal full-length mirrors are close to or exceed the length of the bathroom vanity. They provide full functionality for its user and include several capabilities, such as creating an optical illusion of a bigger space and even bring in more light into the room.

A vertically positioned mirror is great for full body care. It might be a necessity for people who get fully dressed in their bathroom and want to make sure everything is in order. Only seeing half of your outfit in a wall mirror might leave some uncertainty about matching shoes or pants.

Vertical mirrors can be positioned over the bathroom vanity or on an opposite wall when the height exceeds ceiling levels. Not all full-length bathroom mirrors can work vertically because the frame design might be focused on horizontal placement. Flip the photo if you are shopping online or rotate it in person to see if it still makes sense.

Medicine Cabinet

In the past, a medicine cabinet used to be seen as a necessity and an obvious furniture piece in every household. Over the years the style of this vintage adornment has evolved into a classy and sleek accessory.

It can look like an ordinary frameless bathroom mirror with hidden storage or an old-fashioned piece, meant to take you back to simpler times. Many of the wall units come with push-in closures, taking away the necessity for door handles. Soft close or basic hinged closures offer style and functionality for a wide range of bathroom interior configurations. Better yet, get one that is offered as an option with your vanity purchase for an even design flow.

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Taylor Bishop

Taylor Bishop

Thanks for the advice for getting a vanity mirror. I’m really glad you mentioned that having an accent mirror could actually add character to a bathroom theme. I’m kind of interested to learn if there was a way to test if some accents work well with a bathroom.

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