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It is a go-to strategy in most bathroom remodeling and redecorating cases to match the color of the vanity faucet with the rest of the bathroom fixtures. The variety of choices can sometimes be quite overwhelming. Here is a breakdown of faucet configurations and faucet finishes to help you with evolving your bathroom design ideas.

Faucet Configurations

Single hole faucets are the most common choice in modern style bathrooms because of their time-saving functionality. They normally come with one handle for the convenience of mixing hot and cold water flow.

Centerset faucets consist of a spout and two handles, measuring 4 inches in total length. They are made as a single unit intended for use with sinks containing 3 faucet holes.

8-inch widespread bathroom faucets are also used with 3 faucet hole sinks, but are made as three separate parts ranging from 8 to 16 inches in total width. They are a wider version of the centerset faucets.

Vessel faucets are taller than regular faucets, since they are made for vessel sinks, which sit higher than other sinks. They are typically equipped with a single handle on the top or the side of the faucet. 

Wall-mounted faucets can accommodate any type of sink, since they have an independent wall-mounted valve and drain, which are not directly connected to the sink. Just make sure that the spout is the right length, extending to the center of the basin and has the water running structure behind the wall. It will not work with pre-drilled faucet hole sinks. 

Faucet Finishes

Chrome is the most popular faucet finish on the market. It’s inexpensive and fits in well with most contemporary décor. It shows water spots and fingerprints, but is very easy to clean.

Brushed nickel is a more mattified metal finish compared to chrome. It brings softness to sinks and showers. Brushed nickel needs constant polishing to maintain its sheen.

Satin bronze is a warm gold-like metal with an antique finish and an orange hue. It comes off as more traditional, complimenting eclectic and Mediterranean style bathrooms.

Oil-rubbed bronze is a rich dark color finish. It might be a good alternative if you are looking for something slightly lighter than black with an antique twist.

Copper is a bold and unique finish. It is normally a part of Mediterranean or Tuscan décor. It works well with dark patterns, light color marble and brown tone bathroom cabinets. 

Matte black finish faucets have been seeing growth in popularity during the recent decade. It is because people are looking for new uncommon ways to stand out with their minimalistic bathroom décor without breaking the bank.

White is another unconventional color for a modern-day bathroom faucet. It is easy to clean and maintain without the need of polishing like the metal finishes. It’s a great way to tie together the all-white bathroom theme while creating a fresh and clean look.

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