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Decorating or remodeling a small bathroom can be quite the challenge, but a difficult task of carefully planning out each inch of space to create the perfect balance between décor and fully utilized storage space can quickly turn into a fun activity, awakening one's creativity and problem-solving skills.

Let in Light

Start the decorating process by letting in as much light as possible. Hang sheer fabric bathroom window curtains. If there is enough privacy, do not cover the windows at all. Take everything off the window sills, especially if the window is small.

Bathroom Vanity 

Triadsville Corner VanityInstall a slim 20-25 inch bathroom vanity with a cabinet underneath. A corner bathroom vanity could save even more space if you have the right bathroom layout for it. Hanging large mirrors on the walls or a mirrored bathroom vanity will create an optical illusion of a bigger room. It also blends in quite well with contemporary, bohemian and even vintage décor. To fully utilize storage space, install a free-standing vanity, instead of a floating one or a unit which only includes a sink and countertop. Try to always have your daily use items put away into the bathroom cabinets or other storage instead of displaying them on the countertop and other open spaces. That way you will avoid unnecessarily cluttering, as well as save time during cleaning. 

Niches and Shelving

Include niches in your wall while remodeling the bathroom or put the existing ones to use. They make great storage spaces for body care products, small towels or candles. Get creative with your storage space. Purchase ladder style shelving, which will add vertical storage space without sacrificing floor capacity. Wall shelves and hanging cabinets are another way to preserve a more open layout.


Use sliding shower cabin doors instead of the ones that open to the outside. Opt-in for a clear glass to let the light shine through, or better yet, take away the glass shower walls complete with a walk-in shower. Add small corner shelves inside of the shower to store your shampoo, conditioner and other products. Create a continuous tile pattern going from the bathroom floor into the shower for a seamless open feel. Be sure to hire an experienced professional for making the floor waterproof and tilted toward the drain to avoid water puddles and extensive soaking. 


Opt-in for light and soft color decor to make the room feel welcoming and well lit. Neutral hues and pastel colors will create a peaceful and relaxing aesthetic. Add a pop of color to the décor by purchasing a bold centerpiece like a bathroom vanity.

Another way of creating an illusion of a bigger room is painting the walls with large patterns or hanging bold, eye-catching wall art.

Take all of these steps into consideration while building your perfect little space for relaxation. Make every piece count with a “less is more” mentality and an open mind for creativity outbursts during the process.  



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Thomas R. Beck

Thomas R. Beck

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There are really affordable ways you can make your bathroom look like something out of a home decor magazine. Thank you for sharing!

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